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National Open University 2021_2 GST tma2 answers

GST707 – A Study Guide for the Distance Learner (TMA 2 10/10)



Creating learning networks

Learning environment

Connect with other classmates

Jumping in when the speaker is talking




Not allowing for active mastery of concepts

GST102 – Use of English & Communication Skills II (TMA 2 10/10)

1) illustration in paragraph do. Ans- help the reader to understand difficult concept.
2) description in paragraph do one. Ans- help the writer to create an accurate image of an event.
3) one of the ff is NOT usually used in descriptive writing. Ans- temporal issues.
4) all but one of the ff is inappropriate I writing. Ans- sincerely.
5) one of the ff is NOT a part of an effective paragraph. Ans- equivalence.
6) letters of job offers and acceptance. Ans- formal letters.
7) I write on behalf of the company. Ans- letter of offer.
8) the form of speech we use with close associates. Ans- informal language
9) which of the following is not a reason for comparison. Ans- to identify issues in paragraph.
10) causes and effect in paragraph do one. Ans- help the writer to explain reasons for an event.

GST103 – Computer Fundamentals (TMA 2 10/10)

1 Which of the following is NOT one of the four major data processing functions of a computer?
analyzing the data or information
2 When a Computer is switched off, anything held in RAM is _
3 The CPU and memory are located on the _ Motherboard

4 Magnetic disk is an example of Secondary memory

5 Select the Odd one Operating system

6 To access properties of an object, the mouse technique to use is Right-clicking

7 Where does most data go first in a computer memory hierarchy? RAM

8 does all PC’s thinking and runs the programs as requested Processor

9 A DVD is an example of a Optical disc

10 _____Store data or information temporarily and pass it on as directed by the control unit

GST101 – Use of English and Communication Skills (TMA 2 10/10)

1 Average
2 reading newspaper article
3 Expenditure
4 Least
5 Suspense
6 Instruction
7 Culture
8 Vocabulary
9 Prefix
10 Narrative text.

GST202 – Fundamentals of Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution (TMA2 10/10)

1) ————– involves ascertaining the present. Ans- the immediate situation.
2) ———— is when a person makes an informed choice. Ans- consent.
3) the strategy to strengthen gender equality. Ans- mainstreaming.
4) ————- control and oppression through. Ans- violence.
5) individualists culture assume. Ans- interest.
6) ethnic was derived from. Ans- ethnos.
7) conflict is from Latin word. Ans- confligere.
8) humanitarian intervention without UN mandate. Ans- illegal.
9) individual experience. Ans- intrapersonal.
10) conflict could be contradiction difference. Ans- interest.

Gst105 – History and Philosophy of Science (TMA2:10/10)

1) Plato
3)Law of evolution
8)Theory Of spontaneos Generation
9)Leonardo da vinci
10)An explanation about the cause of a broad rangr of related phenomeno

GST107 – A Study Guide for the Distance Learner (TMA 2:10/10)

1 Editing
2 20
3 Assessment
4 Reading process
5 Question
6 Argumentative essay
7 Faculties and departments
8 Physiological barrier
9 Certification
10 specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely

GST104 – Use of Library TMA 2.

1 All these are disadvantages of a traditional library system except one.

Answer. Epileptic supply of electricity.

2 Sorting out of your subject materials can help you.

Answer. Have information on your examination

3 The following are all disadvantage of digital library except one.

Answer. Restricted access to information.

4 Constructing a search strategy means

Answer. Structured organization of terms to search a database.

5 In combining your keywords using boolean operators for truncation you use

Answer. (*)

6 Over learning of course materials can help a student achieve the following except one.

Answer. Proper time management in an exam.

7 The acronym sq3r means.

Answer. Survey, question, read, recite And review.

8 To read for content means to

Answer. Look out for the main ideas.

9 Setting daily or weekly reading goals can help you achieve all of the following except one.

Answer. Increased assimilation rate.

10 Cramming is as a result of the following except one.

Answer . low assimilation rate.

Gst204 – Entrepreneurship and Innovation (tma2:10/10)

1 The…. Entrepreneur timid and cautious
Ans: fabian
2 theory considered entrepreneurship as the catalyst
Ans: Innovation
3 The……….. sees an entrepreneur as someone who is being driven by certain
Ans: psychologist
4 …… entrepreneur is one who assembles and synthesis information
Ans: Innovative
5 In the …………, the focus of entrepreneurship in economic
Ans:.. 18th
6 Successful entrepreneurs have the creative ability to recognize
Ans: opportunities
7 Private entrepreneur is motivated by
Ans: profit
8 …….skills enables an entrepreneur to see the business an integral unit with
Ans: Human
9 ……theory suggests that individuals who recognize a strong level of
Ans: social marginality process
10 The classical theory of entrepreneurship inscribed the virtues of free
Ans : 1830s

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